Last Gasp of Autumn; Fallin’ in Love with Chicago

The already beautiful city of Chicago was blessed with a gorgeous autumn season this year.  Yes, I think Iliza Schlesinger (if you don’t know who she is, check out Freezing Hot on Netflix) was on to something and although risking the fact that I’m about to sound like a #basicwhitegirl, fall is my favorite season. The colors of the leaves, the over-sized sweaters and boots, the crisp air, my chai lattes are slowly evolving from iced to hot- it’s wonderful.

I feel like autumn is elusive; especially here in the Windy City. Most of the time, I feel like it’s gone in the blink of an eye. We enjoy maybe one or two days of perfect, sunny days with light breezes that we welcome with open arms after the hot and humid suffocating summers, but then the bitter cold creeps up and bites us late October. My last fall/winter in Chicago two years ago resulted in snow on Halloween! But 2016, despite the craziness that this year seems to be in a variety of ways (ranging from the Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years, and me caring about that, me registering for my final college semester of classes, and Trump seemingly dividing the country even more so, but personally I think he just brought the rift more to light– but that’s another story), has been quite kind weather wise.

As I said, Chicago’s been very lucky; just two days ago, we were still enjoying 70 degree weather! And now, although I’m currently bundled up into a blanket burrito in my bedroom and it’s barely 30 degrees with the wind chill, I wanted to share my favorite fall photos. Some of them were taken while on assignment for my internship at UMC, while others are just from my wanderings around the city. Enjoy!

14859534_10207152477441425_697833516_o 14859568_10207152431200269_1534300095_o

10/25/16 Fall captured in downtown Chicago.

_dsc0181 _dsc1551 _dsc1638 _dsc1667 _dsc1555


What’s your favorite shot from this autumn? Lemme know! #photowysocki #fallphotofaves on Instagram, I’d love to see them  🙂


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