I’m missing la mia citta eterna, so I figured I’d share with you my favorite black & white photos of an amazing city. I chose to make them monochromatic for a variety of reasons. Not only do I love a good pun (because I’m a nerdy human being) but colors in these photos aren’t necessary. I’m also a sucker for high contrast and dark shadows. And these all conveniently happen to be some of the photos I’ve considered for a contest, but didn’t choose in the end…, but that’s another post in the making.

Rome is a vibrant city. The maroon and orange colors of A.S. Roma fans, the temperate haze of the sun, the painted piazzas with old yellow apartment buildings, the glowing candles in its hundreds of basilicas and chapels and the sauce on its perfect pizzas; it’s a naturally colorful mosaic of warm tones. In a strange sense, I feel that taking that away from these photos ironically adds something else to them.

Or maybe I’m just crazy. You tell me.

Regardless- enjoy!


_dsc0579 img_0603 _dsc0252dsc_0662_dsc0678 _dsc0700 _dsc0296_dsc0373 _dsc0079 _dsc0486 _dsc0910 _dsc0302 _dsc0652Check out more of my photos on my Instagram and follow my hashtag, #photowysocki to see my latest photographic endeavors!  🙂


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